Daily Prompt: Meagre


A very meagre display for tonight’s setting sun – but I took a picture anyway 🙂

Daily Prompt: Meagre


Daily Prompt: Legend

I used to work in Central London, which meant taking the Central Line from Leytonstone to Oxford Circus every morning during rush hour. It was neither a pleasant nor comfortable journey (being squeezed in like sardines in an unventilated elongated tin can) even on good days when everything ran smoothly, but passing through Bethnal Green station always made me smile whenever a certain platform announcer was on shift.

He didn’t really say anything different than any other announcer, it was more the friendly, cheerful, smiley way he said it – and his wonderful sing-song ‘Mind de dooaaahhhss…!’ chilled everyone out.

It seems that lots of other regular commuters shared my opinion, because at some point someone created a Facebook page called ‘The Announcer at Bethnal Green Station is a Legend’, and someone else even created a Soundcloud recording of one of his everyday announcements. I stopped commuting regularly on this journey after changing jobs several years ago now, and it seems he no longer works there, but I still smile at the memory of my favourite legendary announcer every time I pass through Bethnal Green station… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Legend

Thursday Doors: Double Doors


Usually tube train doors only open at one side or the other, as the train is generally accessible from only one platform at most stations. But at Stratford station, the West-bound Central line underground train can be boarded via platforms at either side, so here are both sets of doors opened at once. Although the platforms are above ground at Stratford, there are underground tunnels at either end 🙂

Thursday Doors

Songs from the Past: The Pogues and Kirsty McCall – A Fairytale in New York

We’re almost at the end of the year and my participation in Hughs 51 Songs from the Past in 51 weeks has fallen off a cliff – sorry Hugh!

So for week 49, Hugh has asked for our second favourite Christmas song – and as week 48 was supposed to be our first favourite, I thought I’d post that too, albeit a little late 🙂

My first favourite is The Pogues with Kirsty McCall from 1987 with A Fairytale in New York. I love the change in tempo, and the way it reminds me of the kind of New Year family get-togethers where everyone drinks too much and sometimes a couple of otherwise-very-different individuals pair up to sing a duet in the same kind of odd way that this song somehow works, even though it probably shouldn’t… 🙂

And for my second favourite Christmas song it has to be Nat King Cole from 1961 with The Christmas Song…

I just love listening to Nat King Cole all year round, but this particular song reminds me of my early childhood Christmases in the 1960s ❤

One-Liner Wednesday: Portrait of Two Daughters

‘Why does everyone have to take a selfie these days – whats wrong with an old-fashioned taken-by-someone-elsie?’

My eldest daughter takes selfies all the time; pretty and pouty and always very carefully staged. My youngest daughter, however, just doesn’t understand the attraction (see above quote), and so where necessary prefers a more traditional approach to photographic portraiture 🙂

One-Liner Wednesday

Daily Prompt: Theory


Oh, how I wish I could tell in advance which blog posts would generate the most interest! Sometimes it feels like the more time I spend drafting and carefully crafting a post, the less interaction it initiates. Yet at other times I’ll write a quick quip, off the cuff in five minutes flat, and it simply flies.

Those posts including images definitely seem to draw most viewings, no matter what the written content. But it doesn’t always follow that those images I’m happiest with are necessarily the most popular – often a quick candid snap with my mediocre smartphone gets as many ‘likes’ as my most prized photographic masterpiece.

So I guess it goes to show there’s no rhyme nor reason to blogging at times – readers and viewers like what they like, and simply switch off from the stuff that doesn’t interest them. We all have our own preferences, our own pet hates, our own real world lives inevitably affecting our virtual viewing choices.

The answer would seem to be just to blog about whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of anticipated audience interaction. Be happy with your own output, and everything else will flow and follow on freely from that. Well, that’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking with it 🙂

Daily Prompt: Theory