Daily Prompt: Baby


I saw these baby-sized home-made statues standing together on the water-side of the towpath of the River Lea, placed carefully between two moored boats looking out over the river towards the old Olympic Stadium in East LondonΒ  – they’re only about a foot high, but nevertheless caught my eye so I happily hunkered down next to them and captured them for posterity… πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: BabyΒ 

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: How

How wonderfully dreamy reflections can look in images… I really like to take a picture of something as a reflection, usually in water, then rotate the image by 180 degrees so it is effectively upside down. These two rotated reflected images of bridges over water were taken this afternoon along the River Lea in East London while I was out for a walk with my camera…

refletcted-bridge-1refletcted-bridge-2I really love the slightly warped, distorted effect of each reflection being presented as if it were the real element; each draws me down into its depths, somehow?

It seems to mirror my own fragile feelings in life, where so often I feel as if I am little more than a distorted reflection of how someone else sees me, as if all it would take is for that someone to stir things up a bit and instantly I (or at least their warped vision of me) would disappear, just like any other optical illusion, as if there were nothing more to me than there is to a basic shallow surface reflection…

Oh, I would so dearly love to change that fragile feeling inside myself, if only I knew how…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: How

Storm Doris Aftermath


It’s certainly been a stormy, blustery day here in the UK today as Storm Doris hit our shores – even here in Leytonstone, East London we had enough of a strong gust of wind at the height of the storm to blow over one of the trees along our residential street, blocking the road for a while.

But within an hour or so, a party of workmen in a couple of tooled-up vehicles arrived and promptly cleared it all away in no time at all, leaving only an orange traffic cone on the pavement to mark the spot where the tree fell.

Daily Prompt: Slur

The joys of growing up with vinyl records included the fun of playing my 45 rpm 7-inch singles at the 33 rpm tempo of my 12-inch albums – there was something so fascinating in hearing the songs I loved played so much slower, voices slightly slurred and far deeper, sounding so very different than intended, a bit like singing in drunk slow-motion.

Nowadays everyone is used to having different ‘mixes’ of each single, offering several different sounds of the same song at different tempos, but for me growing up there was only ever one sound (unless I deliberately distorted it), and I kind of liked it that way – for me a song is a song, not lots of songs to be confused. Mind you, the benefit of having different mixes is that sometimes, a different tempo makes all the difference to the success of a song.

One that particularly comes to mind is Cornershop, with ‘Brimful of Asha’ first released in 1997 reaching No 60 in the charts. A year later, the more upbeat Norman Cook remix was released and fast became a No 1 hit – I loved the original, but also loved the faster tempo of the remix, too… πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Slur

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Cameras

I found this fun giant model of a Leica displayed in the window of Aperture Photographic in Rathhbone Place in central London – I appreciate the images are a bit difficult to see as they’re taken through the window glass, but hopefully you can get an idea of the huge size of the model camera from the full-size real lenses displayed in the cabinet next to it πŸ™‚

Aperture Photographic sells a range of secondhand photographic equipment, including quality brands.

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Cameras

Songs from the Past: The Beautiful South – A Little Time

Amazingly we’re already at week 8 of Hugh’s fun series of posting 51 songs from the past in 51 weeks… Today’s trip down memory lane for me this week is an absolute favourite from 1990 – The Beautiful South with ‘A Little Time’.

I was mired in the process of getting divorced myself at that time, a distictly messy and unpleasant experience, so for me it remains an apt backing-track for that particularly difficult period of my life… the lyrics are fab, the tune still perfect, and I just love the video – it always makes me smile, however ruefully! Sad into unsad, indeed… πŸ™‚