Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Review and Practice

Although I haven’t taken part in Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge over the last while, I’ve found all Cee’s posts really interesting and informative to look back on and so have decided to have a go at the review and practice anyway. I’ve had a browse through some of the extra images I’ve taken most recently for my April A-Z challenge, and have chosen a few that hopefully represent some of the composition rules discussed over the previous weeks…


This image shows vertical symmetry with a bench sitting either side of the central tree. The bottom third shows negative space, with the tree/ hedge/ benches taking up the top two thirds. There is geometry at play here with the upside down triangle of tree being flanked either side by the slightly smaller imaginary triangles created by the central tree edge, the slope of the background treeline, and the bottom of the hedge (as if the benches were sitting inside the outer triangles). Horizontal lines are created by the clean cut of the hedge, and there are also rectangular blocks created by the hedge, the benches, and the grass in the foreground.


This image is highlighting the open space of the football pitch, with the bottom two thirds showing negative space and the tops of the goal-posts and the row of houses in the background creating horizontal lines. The goal-posts are placed towards the left-hand vertical third, and there is geometry at play in the rectangular frames of the white posts, the sky, and the empty expanse of grass in the foreground. Perspective is created by the goal-posts apparently nesting inside each other as they recede into the distance, with the closest appearing to be the same height as the houses behind.



This image has the main subject in the right-hand-side vertical third, and shows a simple uncluttered composition. The flower stems create a strong vertical line, and the low line of sight gives a dramatic sense of perspective within the rest of the scene. All three of these images show mainly the complimentary colours of green and blue.


This image of the entrance to Camden Town tube station in North London shows symmetry, horizontal lines in the descending stairs in the foreground, and one main vertical line from the shadow of the upright, through the central handrail itself, and on to the ceiling lighting. The diagonal zig-zag of the tiling and the outer handrail on either side creates leading lines into the middle of the shot where a central circle adds to the overall geometry.


This platform level image of Tottenham Court Road tube station in Central London shows a series of radial leading lines (and so perspective) taking us straight into the tunnel mouth that sits at the top right intersection of the rule of thirds grid. The standing figures in the right-hand third create vertical lines, and in a geometric sense the image is made up of a set of elongated triangles running from the outer edges of the shot into the tunnel.

Hope I’ve got all of that right! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Review and Practice

  1. Cee Neuner April 14, 2016 / 5:39 pm

    Oh yeah, you have it right. I loved your photos and write ups of which rules. Wonderful entry and beautiful photography. I’m so glad you decided to participate.


    • Ruth April 14, 2016 / 7:34 pm

      Thanks, Cee! 🙂


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