Daily Prompt: Closet

I must admit, I’m a bit of a closet romantic. Growing up I’d always thought myself to be far more of an everyday practical kind of person – not afraid of experiencing a hefty dose of realism in life, of rolling up my not-so-feminine shirt sleeves and getting on with cleaning up whatever metaphorical shit was hitting whatever proverbial fan on any particular day along with the best of the boys.

I was a definite tomboy as a child, have never been anyone’s idea of a ‘girly’ girl, and even now am more of a plain-Jane girl-next-door than a pretty princess in a tower waiting to be rescued by my Prince Charming. But as I’ve grown older I’ve discovered that underneath my no-nonsense gender-equality-or-die exterior beats a passionate, soft-hearted romantic that loves nothing better than a good old-fashioned love story.

From following the trials and tribulations of Jane Austen’s feisty female protagonists to crying all the way through my favourite chick flicks including Pretty Woman, Working Girl, Runaway Bride, and not forgetting Dirty Dancing and Strictly Ballroom… I love them all unreservedly, and make no apology for it – I am indeed a romantic at heart.

I mean, what exactly is wrong with wanting true love to win outright, with longing for that fairy-tale ending for every girl and her special guy? Isn’t it what we all hope for ourselves one day – to meet ‘the one’, settle down, get married, and finally live happily ever after?

I’ve discovered over the years that romance isn’t after all a feminine-gendered preserve, and that it definitely works both ways – my husband is in fact the biggest romantic I know. I can honestly say we truly are soul-mates, with both of us remaining passionately convinced about the possibility of two people falling in love and living happily ever after, just like they do in all the best romantic stories – even if we do have to keep working at it, and some days more than others!  ❤

Daily Prompt: Closet




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