Daily Prompt: Fake


Welcome to Fakebook; where so many fake personalities can be found posturing provocatively on fake-life profiles with fake pouts on their fake-make-up faces. Naturally we all want to dress ourselves up a bit online to feel good, and to a certain extent we all have a favourite fake ‘photograph’ smile when not caught in a candid shot, but seriously girls, what is it with that particular pouty look? I just don’t get it…

I often wonder what future generations will think looking back on all these images of girls with what appear to be permanently-pursed lips – will our descendants consider it to be a curious form of body modification, like tight-laced corset-wearing or foot-binding? Or will they just think we were all completely crazy to be continuing the outmoded and outdated sexist commodification of the female form so far into the twenty-first century?

But today it’s not men demanding such apparently patriarchal subjectification of subservient women. Sadly, today it’s quite clear that indeed ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’…

Daily Prompt: Fake

Postscript… Risk

I’m not always very good at expressing my opinion about something, especially something that may be considered contraversial, so although the content of this post prompted by the word ‘fake’ came to me almost immediately, it nevertheless took me a while to press the ‘publish’ button…

Having been brought up always to please others, it somehow goes against the grain to post something that may cause offence to some, even though the downright silliness of all this provocative pouting is something I do feel quite strongly about.

But I guess this is my personal blog, so where better to voice my personal opinion? Otherwise, I too am being as virtually fake as the girls I’m objecting so strenuously to, even without a pouty profile picture to prove it… 🙂

DP Discover Challenge: Risk

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fake

  1. Judy Martin April 20, 2016 / 12:03 pm

    I couldn’t agree more Ruth! I don’t understand the sideways ‘v’ sign over the eyes, or the half a face shots either! 🙂

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