Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: City Skylines


London’s skyline as seen from the top of Primrose Hill 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: City Skylines


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture


Whatever the building design, space is at a premium here in London so everything tends to be built crammed tightly together, often in long terraces – the differently-painted colours of the homes in these images help differentiate where one property ends and another begins, but row upon row of plain brick buildings is also commonplace 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture

Daily Prompt: Saga

Ah, the never-ending saga of finding a blog theme I’m comfortable with – sigh! It seems I’m never happy. My first blog was started with the quirky Matala Theme, but I soon found it too busy for my needs, almost overshadowing my rather sedate content, so I changed instead to Circa, where the soft muted colours and simple design more suited the… um… thoughtful tone of my now dormant blog…

My second blog started off dressed in the slightly jaunty Sorbet Theme, and after the briefest of failed flings with Misty Lake and a short-but-sweet love affair with the beautifully customisable Twenty Fifteen, I eventually returned shamefaced to Sorbet… but nevertheless that blog too now lies floundering, incomplete, hanging….

I started off this blog with such high hopes. But my initial choice of Tonal theme lasted less than a day – I was all too soon throwing it over for the more subtle Nucleare, a relationship which has lasted for seven weeks so far with only a couple of tweaks to the header image. But fickle as I am, I’m growing steadily unsatisfied with the all-too-bland ‘blah’ look of my blog, and I can tell my wandering eyes are already looking for a change, so this theme too may not last…

My plan is, as always, to find a free theme in a reasonably plain style, but one that’s not too boring, either. In the same way I change my clothes style along with my mood on any given day – hippy, sporty, classic, girl-next-door – I also need a blog theme that covers every eventuality. My problem (as ever) is that I seem to want two contradictory things at the same time. I want a banal blog theme that fades into the background allowing my content to shine (or at least look less dull than it really is) but I also want a sparkling blog theme that says – this is who I really am, see me shine…

So for now Nucleare remains the best of the bunch for me, but don’t be surprised if things change a little – and if you see me trying on a few different themes for size, for colour, for design, for fun, just smile and shake your head indulgently, knowing that the blog theme saga continues… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Saga

Daily Prompt: Sing

I love singing, usually to myself, and rarely with an audience of any kind. Even though I don’t have a great voice I can hold a tune passably enough, and once I get something stuck in my head I can be singing it on and off for ages. When I was a teenager it was always the latest pop songs – whatever was de rigueur in the charts – but as I’ve got older my tastes have become far more eclectic. As well as the old ‘Top of the Pops’ favourites of my youth I’ve occasionally caught myself singing old Scottish folk songs, or the traditional hymns I first learned at school, and I’ve even been heard humming the odd piece of choral music from time to time.

Snippets of a feel-good tune or a memory prompted by a recognisably catchy lyric are often all it takes to get me started – I can hear the first few bars of an intro, or a riff or a chorus, and can instantly be transported back to a time when I knew it off by heart and without fail the lyrics or melody will come back to me. There’s just something truly exhilarating about belting out a tune at the top of your voice with only yourself to hear the duff notes you can’t ever quite hit – and so what if you get the words wrong, or la-la-la your way through the bits you don’t know, or repeat the same verse over and over again. As long as you’re enjoying yourself singing your heart out, who the hell cares? 🙂

Daily Prompt: Sing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant


OK, so it’s not a new pic of me – it’s from the summer of 2011, just before my first granddaughter was born. Some of you may recognize it from my previous blog – I’m not usually keen on images of me but I must admit this is one of my favourites.

I was jumping on a large trampoline in my parents’ garden that had actually been put up for my grandson to play on – I took one look at it and just had to have a go too. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had so much fun, even though I could hardly move for days afterwards – but at that moment I felt like a kid again, jumping higher and higher as I grew in confidence, full of life and ready to take on the world…

My husband took loads of photographs of me jumping, most none too flattering – it’s not easy for an overweight middle-aged grandmother to look anything but ungainly on a trampoline – but for me this one image successfully captures exactly how I was feeling on that day – it’s the perfect memory ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant