Daily Prompt: Abandoned


We see so many rough sleepers on the streets here in London, and it always saddens me to feel so helpless in being unable to do anything in the moment. There are always homeless shelters offering temporary accomodation – basically a shower and change of clothes, a bunk for the night, and a hot meal – and our local charity shop raises money directly for a shelter here in East London so I try to donate items as regularly as I can.

I do try to offer a friendly smile as I pass and often get a smile or a nod in return, but I see so many others walk on by oblivious, without any acknowledgement that rough sleepers are people too. I do appreciate that some homeless people may have drink or drugs problems, but surely not all? I often wonder about their individual stories – what particular set of circumstances or chain of events might have brought them to be living such an uncomfortable existence from doorway to doorway, street to street, night after night?

I often find myself imagining how isolating it must feel to be so totally abandoned by society, to find yourself so unbearably out in the cold, so forced out so far to the edge of (and beyond) everyone else’s comfort zone as to be rendered effectively invisible to the rest of humanity…

Daily Prompt: Abandoned


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