Happy 80th Birthday Dad!


My Dad celebrates his 80th birthday today – this lovely old pic of the two of us was taken sometime in the mid-1960s ❤ I know at my age I’m really lucky to have both parents still alive, still living together in the house I grew up in that’s so full of family memories. And I truly do appreciate it, even if they still treat me like I’m a troublesome teenager from time to time – I think sometimes they forget that I’m a grandmother myself, with an adult life of my own that over the years has fallen far outside their realm of understanding.

Dad has always been very active throughout his life, and probably still does a lot more than many men of his age. On his last visit to his GP (for his auld mannie MOT, as he puts it) he was told it was probably time he stopped climbing on the roof to mend the guttering or whatever, and climbing trees to cut down errant branches. So Mum says the only difference now is that Dad waits until she’s gone out somewhere and can’t see what he’s up to (and so cause a fuss), and he still gets on and does it anyway! 🙂


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