Thursday Doors: Maintenance Access Doors

Maybe not the most exciting of doors, but I quite like the subtle faded red colour and the little bit of a nod to visual design on these tucked-away maintenance access doors set into a long brick wall on top of a road tunnel running under Wanstead Green here in East LondonΒ  – and I love the big yellow padlock too! πŸ™‚


Norm’s Thursday Doors


13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Maintenance Access Doors

  1. anglogermantranslations May 19, 2016 / 11:03 am

    I wish it were easier to “like” an entry in non-Wordpress blogs… I do like your doors! πŸ™‚


  2. Suvi May 19, 2016 / 11:04 am

    It looks like a door to a secret garden (even if it really isn’t). Love the yellow padlock too!


  3. joey May 19, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    Oh I love it! I tend to like the oddities, and I always go for gates. Great texture and color πŸ™‚


  4. jesh stg May 19, 2016 / 7:24 pm

    This is a great and sturdy door! Fitting in so well with the red brick:)

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  5. Norm 2.0 May 24, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    I love the way it’s partially hidden, the faded colour, and the how the yellow padlock stands out. An excellent choice this week πŸ™‚

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