Discover Challenge: Adventure

Adventure is not only about once-in-a-lifetime experiences like climbing the highest peak or driving across the driest desert or tackling every other extreme environment known to man. These are certainly examples of Adventure with a capital ‘A’, but adventure with a small ‘a’ can also be found everywhere in daily life, if only we think to look for it – sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective…

Try visiting familiar places at a different time of day – watch a sunset from a cemetery and see how the beautifully silhouetted gravestones can help add to the poignant feeling of the day’s end…



Or simply break away from the busy, blinkered main commuter routes we hurtle along in such a hurry to go off on a more leisurely tangent to explore the road less travelled, and see where your every-day adventure can take you… 🙂


Discover Challenge: Adventure


One thought on “Discover Challenge: Adventure

  1. christelswanderings June 5, 2016 / 3:51 pm

    Gorgeous photos! Especially the third. The house in the distance gives it a sense of direction.


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