Daily Prompt: Playful


There’s an old childhood ditty I remember my grandfather singing called ‘There’s a Hole in my Bucket’, that always used to puzzle me.

In the original song, two people (Liza and Henry) are having a conversation about mending a hole in a bucket, but in my childhood version (the only version I knew at the time) my grandfather sang rather more playfully about Liza and Georgie, referring to his two elderly aunts Eliza and Georgina who lived together.

My puzzlement came from the highly amusing picture of either of my very genteel great-great-aunts even owning such a bucket, never mind having a heated discussion on how to mend it! Liza was widowed when I remember them, and Liza herself died when I was young. But sadly Georgie’s young man had never come back from the Great War so she never married, and Georgie died an old maid relatively late in life, long after my children were born, making her their great-great-great-aunt.

I remember her at my youngest daughter’s Christening, trying on and wearing just for fun a wizened-old-lady full face mask (with long grey hair) that had belonged to my brother in his younger day, that ironically was less wrinkled than her own face underneath – I’m sure a photograph still exists somewhere of her wearing the mask that day.

Anyway, this poor old upturned bucket in my dad’s collection of sadly-past-its-best bits and pieces perpetually stored behind the garden shed brought the little childhood ditty to mind, and I can still see the twinkle in my grandfather’s eye and hear the amusement in his voice as he sang to us about his aunts, all those years ago… ❤

Daily Prompt: Playful



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