Daily Prompt: Transformation


Stratford in East London was transformed out of all recognition four years ago when London 2012 hosted the Olympic Games. And that transformation continues today – cranes and new buildings are once more looming large on the horizon… πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Transformation


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Transformation

  1. angloswiss June 10, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    Your article caught my eye this morning. My dad was born in Stratford, my mum was from Bethnal Green, all in the East End of London, where I grew up. Back in the fifteies and the beginning of the sixties Stratford was one of the places to visit on Saturday afternoon as they had a better range of department stores. Stratford tube station was on the main line to Romford and two stations away from Bethnal Green going east. I remember the pet shop along Angel Lane on the way from the station to the shops in the high road. I also remember the prefabs on the way. I left England in 1966, pay a visit now and again, but not to Stratford. I saw from internet the transformation of Stratford, especially due to the Olympic stadium being built in the area. The olympic stadium was built on the road to Leyton, along the River Lea, which I would often walk on Saturday to Leyton Orient stadium for a football match. Those were the days. My dad is now 100 years and 7 months in a home and no longer goes anywere. Perhaps it is better as he definitely no longer would recognise Stratford. It has completely changed from London cockney shopping days to something shicky mickey London. It’s a shame, but all under the name of progress.

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  2. Ruth June 10, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    I think the Angel Lane you remember no longer exists – there’s a small shopping mall there now. And there’s a relatively new huge shopping mall on the other side of the station, at the Stratford entrance to the Olympic Park, that opened in 2012… The ‘O’s still play at the same stadium in Leyton, but as with all football grounds these days I’m sure it looks very different to how you remember it! πŸ™‚


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