I’m sick of sensational soundbites

Of scaremongers doing their worst

Statistics and name-calling headlines

Who jumped on what bandwagon first

I’m tired of this whole referendum

I’m done with political games

With both sides behaving like children

All looking for others to blame

No-one gives a straightforward answer

Both camps are relying on fear

Truth-twisting and misinformation

Point-scoring keeps all so unclear

With a shoal of confusing red herrings

And heightened emotional pull

Instead of persuading with logic

They’re aiming to panic us all

I’m not sure which way I’ll be voting

No idea which way’s best – yes or no

It’s such an important decision

Do we stay in the EU or go?

Democracy should be important

But how do I make up my mind

When no-one gives clear information

And hard facts are so hard to find…


Let me know what you think...

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