Intro to Poetry: Day 4

I’m a bit behind with my days, but I’ll catch up soon – Day 4 asks me to use simile with the prompt word ‘journey’, so here we go with something a little bit different for me… 🙂

Of Nature Born…

Like a crescent moon I lie, curled in my watery womb

Millennia of mitochondrial DNA moulds me,

Fluid memories float within me, around me

Telling me the time has come…

Pressure builds, like a predator waiting to pounce

Red rhythm pushes me downward, outward.

Squeezing like molten rock through mountain

I pulse my way along until finally

Erupting urgent into the light

I feel myself fall free…

Filling my lungs for the first time,

Like the vast ocean winds I roar my full strength –

Today I am of nature born…


Let me know what you think...

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