Intro to Poetry: Day 10

My last day of this 10 day Intro to Poetry course, and the prompt is ‘future’ written in the form of a sonnet.

I find I’ve been (and continue to be) truly upset by both the result and the immediate after-effects of the recent EU referendum. I do realise that emotions are still running high on both sides but the divisive aftermath reminds me so much of the ongoing fallout from the Scottish Independence referendum, where the dust has still not fully settled almost two years on…

The Human Cost…

Since Britain voted out I’ve felt upset

In one fell swoop the country’s on her knees

I’m sure one day we’ll all come to regret

The bonds of Europe broken with such ease

I wonder why the politicians chose

To set a referendum, stakes so high

Just playing with our future I suppose

A game of power built on lust and lies

But now we’ve made our democratic choice

Decision made we find there’s no clear guide

A racist undercurrent’s found a voice

With hateful undertones of past divide

We’ve left the EU at whatever cost

However much is gained, much more is lost…



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