Daily Prompt: Glass


Over a hundred years of history and three phases of the Greenwich foot tunnel in one image – the original Victorian tiled tunnel walls from when the tunnel first opened in 1902; the narrower thick concrete and steel lining repair in place since bomb damage to a short section at the most northern end of the tunnel during WWII; and finally the shiny space-age glass-and-metal 21st Century lift doors upgraded in 2012 🙂

The Greenwich foot tunnel runs from Greenwich on the south side of the River Thames to the Isle of Dogs on the north side, and is open 24hrs a day for pedestrians and cyclists only.

Daily Prompt: Glass


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Glass

  1. angloswiss July 9, 2016 / 7:19 pm

    When I saw the photo, I thought I have been through it and arrived at the other side in Greenwich. Afterwards we took the boat back to the Tower on the Thames. It is an interesting walk beneath the Thames, not very eventuful, I love the entrance to the tunnel, so really imposing Victorian style. Of course when I walked through there were no fancy glass doors at the end, but it was some time ago.

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