Daily Prompt: Cowardice

Sometimes I struggle with truly understanding the concepts of cowardice and bravery as set at the extreme ends of the same continuum – because surely everything is relative?

I mean, if you should choose to concede defeat in a particular situation or circumstance, and accept that you must effectively lose the battle in order to win the war, is that an act of cowardice or bravery? When might knowing when to withdraw strategically in order to renegotiate your next move be classed as running away and when is it hailed as forward-thinking tactical maneouvering? In the short-term you may indeed limp away with your tail between your legs to lick your wounds, but in the long-term you live to fight another day. And anyway, exactly who decides on whether something is given a positive spin (brave/ good) or a negative bent (cowardly/ bad)?

As with so much in life, and with so many of the diametrically opposed binary opposites presented to us in daily life, surely where on a particular continuum you place each ‘fact’ depends entirely on your personal perspective… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Cowardice



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