Discover Challenge: The Poetry of Lists

I love writing lists, and I also love writing poetry, so here is my triple take on the Poetry of Lists for this week’s Discover Challenge in Haiku, Limerick, and Sonnet form… 🙂


Order and Method…

Create to-do list

Bullet-point each ordered task

Strike off one by one



I feel list writing helps keep me sane

Stops forgetfulness clouding my brain

Satisfaction feels great

To begin I can’t wait

Ticking things off and starting again


Deeds Not Words…

I love the whole idea of writing lists

To plan with forethought what needs to be done

Break down each task in order to assist

Make difficult things seem a bit more fun

List-making is a tool I use each day

It really gives me such a feel-good kick

By helping visualise in pleasing way

Each line or item marked off with a tick

But some use never-ending lists to mask

Avoidance tactics hiding behind good

By putting off beginning each new task

And never quite achieving what they should

The point of a to-do list is to do

So don’t forget to act and follow through 🙂


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