Daily Prompt: Original


Having original old-style wooden-framed sash windows in an old Victorian building may be in keeping with the period style but they’re a bloody nightmare to paint!

Take our bedroom window, for example. Including the framework it measures six feet high by four feet wide. There are four panes of glass (lights), two on the top frame (or sash) and two on the bottom. Each light is completely framed in wood, and each sash is hung within the window casing (containing the hidden mechanism), one in front and one behind to slide up and down independently on the weighted ropes and pulleys that allow the window to be opened either from the top or the bottom, or both at once to allow the air to better circulate within the room.

Altogether that makes for a lot of woodwork inside and out to be painted, especially as instead of being left flat and plain, the framework is trimmed with a series of carved grooves and curved surfaces purely for aesthetic purposes. They do look lovely, and let in loads of light, but are also pretty high maintenance when compared to the far simpler design of casement windows… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Original

One Word Photo Challenge: Curtain


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