Daily Prompt: Clumsy

Five past falls that have scored reasonably high on my personal clumsy-ometer:

  • I once badly sprained my ankle falling off a pavement – my ankle was strapped up for weeks afterwards – it’s still slightly stiffer than the other one, even today
  • I once badly bruised my lower back falling down a flight of stairs at work while carrying a charity box full of change – to add insult to injury the moneybox split open and all the individual coins cascaded noisily down the stairs like a money waterfall… not my finest moment
  • I once badly bruised my chest falling over in a busy street carrying a heavy bag of books in my arms – having big boobs is not always helpful, they don’t cushion your fall, and are actually really tender so bruise very easily
  • I once got concussion and split my scalp open falling out the shower and hitting my head on the wash-hand-basin – the bathroom resembled a scene from Psycho, and the resulting head-wound was glued together after a rather humiliating trip to A&E – I had a cracker of a headache for days
  • I once badly bruised my thigh and also hugely jarred my sacro-iliac joint falling down a few stairs at work, eventually requiring physiotherapy to ease my ongoing hip pain – but surprisingly I didn’t even spill the half-drunk cup of tea I was carrying at the time I fell…

Hmmm… perhaps it’s no wonder people tell me I’m clumsy πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Clumsy


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Clumsy

  1. Judy Martin October 14, 2016 / 8:04 pm

    Oh Ruth, I do feel for you. I am pretty clumsy too, but thankfully have not ended up in A & E !!! πŸ™‚

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