Daily Prompt: Millions

I always seem to have millions of thoughts whirling around my head at any one time. Some thoughts are fleeting and relatively random, some are perplexing but perfunctory, while other recurring thoughts turn up time and time again and remain uncomfortably settled in for the duration, year after year, decade after decade.

Average everyday thoughts include various musings on the weather (infinfitely changeable and unreliable here in the UK), what to cook for dinner (I enjoy cooking, and enjoy even more eating what I cook), which body part aches most at any given time (sadly an ever-growing list the older I get), current family problems, personal issues, oh, and always the weather… did I mention the ever-changing British weather?

Other frequently bothersome thoughts include which camera is best for me (a never-ending ongoing train of thought to date), and also which mobile phone to get next (I can never decide on my priorities for camera/data storage vs cost – whatever happened to choosing a phone that you can simply talk on and text on).

I also have sporadic general rants in my head (and sometimes even out loud) about the political situation here in the UK and also in the US (being a Brit married to an American, both are immediately relevant to us), and I have to say there’s been quite a LOT to rant about there recently đŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Millions



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