Daily Prompt: Faded

Today I found an old receipt from five years ago, squirreled away in a box of bits and pieces, keeping it safe for posterity. On the surface it looks like any other everyday receipt, its now-faded print listing a few general non-descript food items bought at our local supermarket, but it also holds a very special memory for me. Across it is scribbled a time, a weight, a length, and a name – it was the first thing that came to hand for me to write on the morning my youngest daughter called me from their local hospital maternity ward, happy and exhausted, to tell me she had become a mummy for the first time…

Daily Prompt: Faded


Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three


Three views of our local boating pond out of season, quiet and serene in the late afternoon light, followed by three images of the moored boats huddled together on the water…


All images taken this afternoon at Hollow Ponds, Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone, East London, as warm autumn winds give way to cold winter frosts…

Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three

Share Your World: 2016 – 48

Do you prefer eating food with nuts or no nuts?

No nuts, without question – I’m not really a nut person

If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction?

Hmmm… the script and storyline would be so boring and non-descript no-one would bother making it into a movie in the first place

Who talks real sense to you?

My youngest daughter more than anybody – we’re quite similar in character, so we probably recognise and understand the good and the bad in each other in a way no-one else can… But other than that my husband has known me longest, so talks the most sense to me in a different way

Do you have a favourite board game?

Not really a board game person, either – told you I’m boring!  🙂

Share Your World


Discover Challenge: Mind The Gap


I frequently hold a clear vision in my mind’s eye of the kind of photograph I want to create, but sadly there is often a huge gap between what I hope for and what I actually achieve. I know the problem is not in the technical ability of my camera equipment (or lack thereof) but in my own inability to think like a camera sensor and lens rather than like a human brain and an eye.

When all I want to do is faithfully reproduce a scene exactly as seen through the lens, then all I have to do is compose, focus and shoot, et voila, the camera and I are in complete unison – what we see is what we get. But when the effect I want to achieve is more artistic than scientific – when I’m actively making rather than reactively taking a photograph, that’s when I truly struggle…

If I was drawing or painting a particular scene, I could say to myself – hmmm, OK, I need this part to be a bit faded and blurry, and this part to stand out in sharp focus – and I could simply create the magic with my brush, layer by layer until I was happy with the end result. But in making a photograph I first have to understand just how the camera sees the scene, so I can tell it what to adjust to create the image the way I want it to be seen.

I also have to learn the limitations of such adjustments – what can and cannot be done in camera at one time. And then following on from understanding my camera better I also need to learn how to use image processing software to achieve the digital darkroom stuff – how to alter the image afterwards in order to enhance my creative licence?

Altogether I still have such a long way to go to get my exposure compensation right in high contrast situations (such as in the image above) to capture just the right moody lighting to ensure the image says exactly what I want it to say, to reduce that frustratingly cavernous gap between internal vision and external view, but I’ll keep on trying, and hopefully one day I’ll get there…

Discover Challenge: Mind The Gap