Why I May Have Unfollowed You on Twitter

I don’t do Twitter, but my FaceBook newsfeed has certainly become so clogged with pseudo-political propaganda lately I’ve had to back off and give it a wide berth – I don’t generally reblog much either, but OMG Norm has absolutely made my day with this absolutely spot-on topical rant. Please do pop on over to his blog to unleash the unexpurgated wrath of Norm.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering about my opinion on this whole slanging-match circus of a presidential debate currently playing out on social media – it’s what Norm said, and then some 🙂

Norm 2.0

Warning: This post is a rant about people who engage in stupid, politically motivated, hysterical behavior on Twitter. 

This post also contains foul language. If you are offended by foul language then please, you should fuck off now.

Hey… at least I said “please”  😀

Now let me be clear, I do loves me my Twitter.

It’s an amazing tool for finding information on a wide range of subjects. It’s also great for networking and sharing info and advice with other bloggers, photographers, and writers.

What I don’t like about Twitter? How some tend to abuse over-use it to share their political ‘opinions’.

When I first started back in 2012, I was more than a little skeptical about Twitter. It all seemed like one big electronic echo chamber. A virtual soapbox with everyone shouting out their own message – generating tons of noise with no one actually listening.

Over time I learned to…

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