Discover Challenge: Song

Oh good, I thought on first seeing this week’s Discover Challenge – this one will be fun! But here I am, two days on from the prompt being posted, no nearer to deciding on which one song to share. There have been so many meaningful-at-the-time songs over my lifetime, so just how the hell do I pick only one?  And I’ve always had a pretty eclectic taste in music, so that doesn’t help much, either… Hmmm… perhaps I can reduce my list to two definitive anthems for my life so far, one past and one present.

I mean, if you asked me to pick a whole album, I would without doubt choose Meat Loaf’s original ‘Bat out of Hell’ – the entire track list listened to in order – and immediately I’d be transported back to my hormone-heavy teens, filled with the frustrating intensity of feeling all revved up and nowhere to go. And I suppose if I had to pick only one track from that album that most captured the reality of that intensity for me it would be ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ – perhaps I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why I might have picked that particular song…

Suffice to say I fell pregnant and got married at 18, then spent my 21st birthday seven months pregnant with my third baby. It wasn’t a happy marriage, we were both far too young and thoroughly unsuited to each other, and so I left when I was 24, with three small kids in tow, and returned with my tail between my legs to my parents’ house until I could find us a home of our own. So one way or another, I can certainly identify with the sentiments shared in the song. 🙂

There’s obviously been a lot of musical water under the bridge since those heady days of teenage lust all too soon turning to dust, a constant flow of suitably stirred up or sweetly sentimental songs to smile at the memory of, but with none of them illiciting quite the same deeply passionate response as Meat Loaf et al. Somewhere along the line most of my favourite tunes of choice over the years have become relegated to the Vintage TV channel, consigned to the past rather than the present, which is where I continue to reminisce with them from time to time.

And if I had to choose one ongoing anthem for how I feel about life in my fifties so far? Well, KT Tunstall’s ‘(Still a) Weirdo‘ never fails to bring a wry smile to my face. It’s one song I often find myself singing quietly to myself these days, time and time again…

So here I am now, singing along once again with a smile on my face, most definitely and most happily still a weirdo after all these years  ❤


One thought on “Discover Challenge: Song

  1. Judy E Martin November 3, 2016 / 7:23 pm

    I am definitely with you with regards to Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell album being the soundtrack to your youth, it was to mine too 🙂

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