Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

The toughest questions I ever have to face are those familiar old favourites I taunt myself with, time after time, without ever finding the answers…

Why do I always have to be the proverbial square peg trying to squeeze myself uncomfortably into the all too small round hole of parental expectation? Why can’t I just be someone who fits in sensibly to the space provided for me within the ranks, bend to their will and become the familiar shape they all want me to be? What is it about me that finds myself constantly pushing against the confines of conformity?

Will I ever feel like I belong anywhere for who I am, or am I destined to be languishing forever on the outside looking in…

Discover Challenge: Tough Questions


2 thoughts on “Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

  1. jhosack87 December 6, 2016 / 10:12 pm

    I think we always feel that way, at least a bit. A little discomfort can be a good thing and, sometimes, you have to get yourself a saw and reshape the hole that you don’t fit into perfectly.

    We have so many facets about our personality and identity that it’s difficult to find that spot. When we do find it though, it is glorious.

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