Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

Random Acts of Kindness, and Paying it Forward

While the politicians of 2016 have consistently peddled their propaganda of divisiveness and hatreds across both sides of the pond, I like to think that we at the sharp end of society can still come together and reach out to each other with a level of humanity and understanding apparently lacking in our governing classes.

We can show that basic care and consideration for others in the little things we can do to help out in everyday situations – by carrying out simple random acts of kindness to those in need, and by paying it forward when others help us. Give a smile of solidarity to a stranger who appears to be struggling with something, and ask if they need a hand.

In an apparently hard world, try to remain soft. Be kind wherever possible, and live with an open heart and mind, because we will always see what we expect to see, in that ultimately, how we see the world is how it will be reflected back at us ❤

Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral


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