In Suspenseโ€ฆ

Swings quiver unswung

Shackled by silvery chains

Suspended in waitโ€ฆ


Cee’s Fun Foto: Inner & Outer


Bit of a disparate selection for Cee’s Fun Foto: Inner & Outer this week: – candles inside and a vase of flowers outside a restaurant window; old keys set into a concrete circle, set into grass outside; a yellow sun painted inside a bricked-up railway arch outside; covered shelters outside a block of flats reflected inside a puddle; and finally, a green glass bottle frozen partially inside and partially outside an icy pond ๐Ÿ™‚

Songs from the Past: Week 5 – Alison Moyet ‘All Cried Out’

The mid 1980s were a blur of babies for me – my three kids were born in November 1982, November 1983 and February 1985, so the rest of that decade (and much of the one that followed, for that matter) was mainly taken up with motherhood and associated considerations. My love of listening to music (along with everything else) became somewhat relegated to the background for the duration, but still some particular songs captured my heart at the time and still remain firmly fixed in my memory.

Keeping Hugh company with this week’s choice of songs from the past is Alison Moyet from 1984 with ‘All Cried Out’ – this is a real belter of a tune I can still belt out along with the best of them!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Dystopian Doublethink


I saw this ripped and fading poster on an old hoarding along some railway arches this morning, and the topical poignancy of the Orwellian reference was not lost on me: ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength’.

We read 1984 at school, and I remember finding the whole concept of doublethink really confusing to get my head around – how could two diametrically-opposing, conflicting or contradictory ideas both be accepted as being true at exactly the same time? It simply didn’t make sense, and yet here we all are in 2017, in danger of being bombarded and bullied and brainwashed into submission asย  doublethink has apparently become the new political norm…

Oceania as imagined by Orwell in 1948 may well have been a fictional futuristic dystopia – he could presumably have plucked any year rather than simply transposing the date to give 1984 – but ominously it feels increasingly not only that Big Brother is indeed watching every move we make on either side of the ocean, but also that doublethink is fast becoming the new alt-truth.

It worries me greatly that in democratically-dysfunctional societies such as ours, based on elitist illusion and fuelled by fear and division, suspicion and mistrust, the potential reality of each of us sooner or later coming face-to-face with the horror of our own personalised torture in Room 101 may be growing far too close for comfort…


Chinatown – Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year of the Rooster has just begun – the formal celebrations took place over the weekend, but a meandering walk through London’s Chinatown this dull Monday afternooon showed all the red decorative lanterns still hanging in place above the streets… and the mouth-watering aromas emanating (as ever) from the open doors of the many restaurants in the area were so tempting… ๐Ÿ™‚


Daily Prompt: Replacement


The huge curved advertising hoarding at Piccadilly Circus is currently switched off (from January 2017 until sometime in the autumn) for renovation – and it looks really odd, I’ve certainly never seen it dark like that!

Apparently there has been some kind of electrical advertisement in place on this corner since 1908 – originally created by ordinary lightbulbs, then neon lights, and most recently (since 2011) LED displays. The lights were switched off during WWII to adhere to blackout regulations, but apart from that extended period the lights have only been off due to powercuts, environmental reasons, or for state funerals.

The current six LED display screens are due to be replaced by a single curved screen, but for the next few months the necessary scaffolding (which will soon cover the entire display) will be protected by a banner, also to be used for advertising.

Daily Prompt: Replacement