Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


This fun ceiling mobile of colourfully-framed film slides hanging above the camera department in John Lewis on Oxford Street certainly caught my eye. As few people even use camera film any more, and probably even less people still develop their images as transparencies, I was quite surprised to see so many modern variations of old-fashioned slides ‘repurposed’ as artistic decoration in a store, but they certainly brought back fond memories…

My grandfather was a keen photographer and had many multiples of little boxes (Kodak, yellow box with transparent plastic lid) of white-framed slides we used to view either through a small individual hand-held light-box, or projected onto the wall as a family via a rather cumbersome slide-projector. Slides were basically individual frames of transparent developed film – like a negative, except a positive image – and were quite popular when I was young!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


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