Daily Prompt: Quicken

When I was carrying my three babies 30-something years ago, long before ultrasound scans were de rigour for everyone in pregnancy, the first special moment when you truly understood that you were really carrying a living baby in your belly was when you felt the quickening, the first fetal movement that you could feel for yourself. It is a special feeling I still remember with love and with pride, all these years later, smiling quietly inside…

It is not necessarily the first kick as such; to start with it is more of a gentle fluttering, like butterflies in your stomach, a bubbling effervescence that is part of you, but also not you – it is your beautiful baby, living and growing inside of you, reaching out and forging the first bond between you. It is a knowledge you hug to yourself, and smile secretly about while putting a protective hand over your rounding belly, quietly letting your baby know you too are there, waiting patiently for the moment of birth, when you can finally see each other for the first time… ❀

Daily Prompt: Quicken


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up


There’s aways some neck-craning construction going on here in London! I’ve often wondered how construction workers get up to whatever floor they happen to be working on, so seeing an external elevator in use on one building and an external staircase on another answered that question for me. I guess it’s better than an endless line of rickety step-ladders stretching from bottom to top… πŸ™‚

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up

Share Your World: Feb 27, 2017

Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

Not personally, but I was once being driven to the airport when the car we were in ran out of petrol – luckily someone kindly stopped and offered us a lift, and we caught our flight on time, even of it was by the skin of our teeth!

Which are better, black or green olives?

Hmmm… Black olives are a little bit softer and sweeter in the flesh, I think, but I also love the slightly sharper crunch of green olives, especially stuffed with garlic and pimentoes – but I have to make sure my husband eats some too, so I don’t have garlic breath all on my own πŸ™‚

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

History – I’d probably like to go back in time and explore the past for myself, instead of having to try to read between the lines of everyone else’s propoganda-led agenda, trying my best to interpret fact from fiction. I suppose human beings have always chosen to tell their own somewhat skewed version of the ‘truth’ at any given time – the only difference nowadays is that because everyone potentially has a voice these days (rather than just the church and the elite being literate) we can pretty much catch them out and question their account.

Well, unless they are the President of the United States, of course, in which case they can tell whatever ludicrous lies they like, call everything else they don’t like (however much truth there may be behind it) ‘fake news’ and make a big show of closing their freedom-of-speech doors to anyone who isn’t prepared to report ‘on message’…

Quotes list – at least three of your favourite quotes?

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’ – Anais Nin

‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’- Winston Churchill

‘This above all – to thine own self be true’ – William Shakespeare, Hamlet Act I, Scene III

Cee’s Share Your World


Under Urban Bridges


Playing about with framing using the view from underneath a bridge – well, two different views from under two bridges along the same river, on the same towpath. Taking out the colour helps reduce some of the chaotic busy-ness of each image, I think, focusing instead mainly on highlighting the contrast between the lights and darks, hopefully pulling your eye deeper in towards the centre of the image…

I was quite pleased with the results – sometimes I can get the exposure wrong with strong contrasts, but I’m happy enough with the overall look and feel of these two πŸ™‚

Bridges along the River Lea, East London

Daily Prompt: Jiggle


OK, so I found an epic squad of builders on their lunchbreak – but where are the strutters? Surely I can’t have missed an entire gang of twerking businessmen in cut-off jeans and high heels… I mean, they’re just so MoneySupermarket!Β  πŸ™‚

PS If you’re not familiar with our squirmingly-awful MoneySupermarket.com ‘Epic Squads’ TV ad here in the UK, feast your eyes below… describing the dancing as ‘jiggling about’ doesn’t really do it justice, somehow… Oh, and by the way, incase you missed it right at the very beginning, the ad is actually something to do with selling insurance… πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Jiggle

Bergerac Barnaby


There’s a lighthearted detective drama series running here in the UK set in rural England called ‘Midsomer Murders’, where the main character is a Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby. There is a worryingly high proportion of murders in and around the Midsomer area considering the relatively low density of population, but never mind, Barnaby always gets his man (or woman) in the end.

Over the years there have been two different Barnabys –Β  DCI Tom Barnaby was played by John Nettles from 1997-2011, and DCI John Barnaby (scripted as Tom Barnaby’s cousin, who took over after Tom’s retirement) is currently played by Neil Dudgeon, who has starred in the lead role since 2011.

I’m a bit of a detective-drama-freak, so love watching old replays of Midsomer Murders, and my husband often gets pulled in to following the storyline too. He likes to know which Barnaby it is, but never remembers which character is called Tom and which is called John, especially as the actor who plays Tom Barnaby is actually called John in real life.

However, as in a previous brush with the law a much younger John Nettles played yet another detective (with the Bureau des Etrangees in Jersey) called Jim Bergerac (which I also loved), we now refer to his Midsomer character as Bergerac Barnaby – problem solved!

Oh, and we also love watching both ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘Waking the Dead’, two similar-but-different detective dramas based around close-knit teams of forensic pathologists, one investigating ‘fresh’ corpses and the other dealing in cold cases. However, as we always find ourselves getting the programme names mixed up, we’ve taken to referring to both series as ‘Waking the Silent Dead Witness’… that way we’re always sure to be right!Β  πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Arid


I like living in such a naturally temperate climate – neither too arid nor too humid, neither too hot or too cold, neither too sunny nor too rainy – well, most of the time, anyway! Perhaps one of the reasons we Brits talk so much about the weather is that we have so much variety in it, in a fair-to-middling way, not just seasonally but sometimes even across the course of one day! Personally I’m really not made for extremes of temperatures, so thankfully I’ve never had the desire to live anywhere else but here in the British IslesΒ  πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Arid