Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

As an introvert living in London for the last 15 years, I’ve become adept at finding quiet places of solitude to rest and recharge my batteries when needed. Some more obvious spaces such as public gardens and parks, especially those off the beaten track, are perhaps understandably precious to me to return to time and time again.

But sometimes I also find myself passing somewhere surprising just at the right time to be able to enjoy a quick, quiet cup of coffee on my own. After an enjoyable visit to the British Museum this afternoon, I found myself on Museum Street outside a cafe with a difference – a sign saying ‘Camera Museum’ captured my attention, so imagination intrigued, I went in…


Sure enough, the ground floor was a small and cosy cafe, and the lower floor housed a small but well-kitted-out camera museum – they even had a warped side-show-style mirror on the wall, which of course I had to try out – what fun!

There’s also an opened-up Hasselblad camera stuck sideways on the wall you can wind on and then click the shutter button to feel and hear the mechanism at work, and a varied selection of old camera bodies from the year dot to the first digital cameras are arranged in chronological order around the walls.

After a good while reminiscing all the cameras I’ve ever owned (and a multitude I haven’t) I went back upstairs to the cafe, ordered a latte from a very friendly waitress, and sat very happily alone in comfortable silence drinking my (exceedingly good) coffee in much-appreciated peace and quiet…


It was exactly what I needed after the inevitable crowds at the British Museum, a little bit of solitude to catch my breath in the midst of all the madness. My timing was just perfect – I’d missed the lunchtime business, but was still too early for the post-work crowd on their way home. I’ll definitely be back! šŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


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