Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

Why is ‘lukewarm’ so often considered to be such a disparaging term?

Are we so burdened with desiring the more dramatic extremes of hot or cold that we can no longer appreciate the middle-ground as anything of consequence? Are we so used to thinking in terms of diametrically-opposed black and white we all too often dismiss the nuanced intricacies involved in all the multiple and variable shades of grey in the world as irrelevant?

There seems to be a childishly self-aggrandised need by those curently in government, aided and abetted by the media with their 24-hour ‘news’ magazine culture, to insist on applying the age-old simplistic labels of good and bad to everything, as if the complexites of reporting a more average reality without encouraging such blatant bias were too much for us ordinary uneducated souls to comprehend.

Personally, I would far prefer the powers-that-be taking a more adult approach to life, however relatively uninteresting the imparting of policies and news items may become without the snappy soundbite of political spin so prevalent and pervasive in our disastrously dumbed-down, alternatively-informed society.

Have we forgotten so soon the lessons learned by fairytale favourite Goldilocks in her visit to the three bears? Porridge not too hot, not too cold, but just right; bed not too soft, not too hard, but just right. Sometimes extremes are just that – too extreme for our everyday needs. Sometimes, lukewarm living is just what suits us best…

Daily Prompt: Lukewarm  



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