Songs from the Past: Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

Joining in again wih the lovely Hugh from Hugh’s News and Views in his quest to post 51 songs from the past in 51 weeks, I simply have to include Scottish singer/ songwriter Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Baker Street’ from 1978 as a well-worn old favourite of mine – such a beautiful sax solo, a wonderful mood-enhancer… and suddenly I’m a love-struck teenager again, feeling every note with every fibre of my being.

But the lyrics particularly bring new meaning for me this year, as my husband and I are planning to move out of the madness that is London life and move back to the relative peace and quiet of Scotland, the country of my birth, and where we first met – we’re going home ❤

‘This city desert makes you feel so cold
It’s got so many people, but it’s got no soul
And it’s taken you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything’


5 thoughts on “Songs from the Past: Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise February 15, 2017 / 11:56 am

    I love your posts Ruth and love all the music you chose too. I would imagine that life will be very different for you for you move back to Scotland. Exciting but scary I think 🌹

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  2. Hugh's Views and News February 16, 2017 / 1:19 pm

    So, you’re finally making that move then, Ruth? I remember talking to you about it at the Bloggers Bash last year. I love London, but I don’t miss it. The quietness and beauty of where we live now are exactly what we were looking for. We’re very happy after making the move.
    I was going to feature this song. This is the first time somebody has chosen a song I had listed. Not to worry, I’ve also got some reserves. Great choice. A song I played many times in my life as a part-time D.J. in London.
    Good luck with the move.

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