Daily Prompt: Squat


When I first started deliberately trying to make artistic images (rather than simply taking family/ holiday snapshots) I was really self-conscious about the whole physical process of picking up my camera, composing the shot, and clicking the shutter.

It felt so pretentious somehow, for someone as amateurish as me to be acting as if I was a ‘proper’ photographer, and I struggled a lot emotionally with that feeling for the longest time. But somewhere down the line my delf-consciousness has definitely dissipated.

While out for a walk in the woods this afternoon – sans camera actually, as I was only out clearing my head for half an hour or so – I thought nothing of squatting down in the wet grass and damp leaves to get a few exploratory shots of the budding daffodils-in-waiting under the trees, taken up close and personal with my fixed-wide-angle phone camera.

I happily smiled and said ‘hi’ to a couple of dog-walkers passing by, and it’s only when they remarked ‘my, you’re keen’ that I realised I didn’t mind how silly I might look – but I was just pleased to get the composition I wanted! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Squat

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