Daily Prompt: Quicken

When I was carrying my three babies 30-something years ago, long before ultrasound scans were de rigour for everyone in pregnancy, the first special moment when you truly understood that you were really carrying a living baby in your belly was when you felt the quickening, the first fetal movement that you could feel for yourself. It is a special feeling I still remember with love and with pride, all these years later, smiling quietly inside…

It is not necessarily the first kick as such; to start with it is more of a gentle fluttering, like butterflies in your stomach, a bubbling effervescence that is part of you, but also not you – it is your beautiful baby, living and growing inside of you, reaching out and forging the first bond between you. It is a knowledge you hug to yourself, and smile secretly about while putting a protective hand over your rounding belly, quietly letting your baby know you too are there, waiting patiently for the moment of birth, when you can finally see each other for the first time… ❤

Daily Prompt: Quicken


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