Daily Prompt: Desire

Today’s prompt word jolted a clear memory from a long time ago in the form of a quote mentioned in a book I was reading at the time. The quote itself has stuck with me long after the name of the book had vanished in the mists of time, but thankfully with the help of good old Google I’ve sourced not only the phrase I remember so well, but also the name of the book it was mentioned in, too!

The beautiful wording that flowed so readily from memory to fingertips is apparently a Jewish Prayer for Yom Kippur, that says: ‘I have been consumed by fire, but never so much as the heat of my desire’ – it obviously touched something deep inside me at that time, an exhausted single mum of three in my late twenties, as it has stayed with me ever since, the words conjured up in my mind immediately.

The book in which I came across the prayer is ‘A Garden of Lies’ by Eileen Goudge, and I probably read it in the late eighties when it was first published. I’d forgotten all about it, but as soon as I read a sentence or two in the Amazon ‘look inside’ feature the storyline came flooding back, a saga of two young women with very different lives united by one decision taken in the heat of the moment many years before.

I think it’s probably time I re-read that book from the vantage point of half a century of life-experience rather than just a quarter – the price of consequences always seems very different as seen from a more worldly-wise perspective – I think I’m a lot more understanding and a lot more forgiving of mistakes made by others, having made plenty myself by now.

So I think I’d get something far more meaningful from it now… and luckily it seems to be available on Kindle 🙂

Daily Prompt: Desire


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Desire

  1. Margarita March 3, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    There are books I like to revisit, Ruth, just to see if the intervening years shed a different light on the story. 😉 xoM

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  2. Covert Novelist March 3, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    Its true Margarita. I do the same, it’s as though reading it for the first time because your take on the book can be so different. Thank you for the post, it was excellent, well worth reading.

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  3. dawnkinster March 3, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    I rarely read anything 2x. But I also rarely remember much of books I’ve read either. So if I were to remember a quote for 25 years I would reread it too.

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