Daily Prompt: Passport

So what kind of passport shall I hold in two years time? It seems like it definitely won’t be my maroon-coloured European Passport any more, so perhaps it will be replaced by a new black British passport, a bit like the original one I owned as a teenager. Or perhaps it might soon become a Scottish passport, if there is another Independence Referendum, and if the Scottish people choose independence over remaining in the union… so who knows what might happen?

And what about my husband? He currently holds an American passport (as an American Citizen), and also a European passport (as a British Citizen). So he too may have a new British passport after the UK exits the EU in two year’s time. But then if Scotland becomes independent, what replaces his British passport – would residency, and all these years of British Citizenship, entitle him to a Scottish passport, like me? Lots for us to think about over the next couple of years, for sure…

Daily Prompt: Passport


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