A-Z Challenge: U is for Underground


U is for Underground…

Confusingly the platforms of Leytonstone Underground Station (and the railway line itself at this point – see T is for Tube Line from yesterday) are actually above ground! When you enter the station from street level, you have to walk down a curved slope into the below-the-surface ticket office, before going through the automated ticket barriers and climbing the central stairs back up to reach the ground level platforms between the tracks.

This year for my Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’ve decided to keep it super-simple, and stick close to home with a straightforward agenda. I tend to post lots of local London images anyway, so my aim is to post at least one new (as in taken recently, and not posted before) photograph each day, taking us on a whistle-stop A-Z tour of Local Leytonstone Life; simple snapshot images of ordinary everyday things around me that capture my attention, yet don’t take me out of my daily routine too much…


5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: U is for Underground

  1. My mom lives in an apartment building built into a hillside in the Bronx, New York and the “subway” station is pretty much under her building but is is also on a viaduct elevated over nearby streets. So basically you go underground to get to the platform but if you walk to the end of the platform you are elevated.

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