Daily Prompt: Snack


Today’s nibbly snack-based lunch… smoked ham, chorizo, cheese, olives, and tomato with ground black pepper πŸ™‚

I’m trying hard just now to make a conscious effort to make healthier food choices, especially as I’m not only an emotional eater but also one of life’s natural grazers, so I have to be really careful not just to be cramming in a constant conveyor-belt of high fat and sugar options without really thinking about it.

The thing is, I do love lots of different foods, not just sweet stuff and deep-fried stuff, so I’m trying hard to move my focus from indulging my emotional needs to tempting my tastebuds with alternative flavours and textures to enjoy. I need to break some pretty long-standing overeating habits though, so it’s not going to be easy.

My middle-aged spread is making itself far too much at home for my liking, especially now I’ve hit menopause – I don’t want to resign myself to being fat and unfit for life just because I’m in my mid-fifties. So I’m just taking it all one day at a time for now, and I’ll see how it goes…Β  πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Snack



Daily Prompt: Magnet

I’m a bit of a muck-magnet, and always have been – a complete clart.

If there’s something to drip, spill, or otherwise make a spectacular mess of myself with, I’m your girl. And the more likely the substance is to stain, the more likely it is to be wholesale attracted to me. The oilier or tomato-ier the offending droplets and the lighter-coloured and more pristine whatever I’m wearing, the keener the stuff seems to be to attach itself permanantly to my clothing, clinging on for dear life.

And it’s not just food – bleach, ballpoint pen, and oil-based paint have all been known to join in the free-for-all fun too, the more the merrier! πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: MagnetΒ 

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Hands


This sculpture of two clasped hands was unveiled in 2001 to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the accidental death of four workmen in a previously sealed well on July 12th 1901. One man was overcome by gas at the bottom of the well, and three others in turn died while trying to rescue their stricken colleagues.

‘Helping Hands’ can be found on Three Mills Green, East London

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Hands

Tugs, Snags and Breakages

I so admire people with lovely long hair, but it’s looking increasingly like I won’t ever be one of them. For most of my adult life I’ve worn my hair in variations of a practical bob, from jaw-length to shoulder-length, with or without a fringe, but always worn loose. Over the years I’ve also tried one disastrous perm in the early 80s; a short, layered cut maybe about once a decade since then; and only twice in my adult life have I succeeded in growing my hair down beyond shoulder-length. Now is one of those times, and having persevered for so long to get this far with it, I find I absolutely hate having longer hair.

Disappointingly it seems I hate the tickly feeling of my loose hair falling over my shoulders and down my back, and hate getting loose strands of my hair trapped in anything and everything, so I always seem to tie it up out of the way to stop it annoying me even though I don’t like wearing it tied up. I hate the constant tugs and snags and breakages that seem (for me) to be an unavoidable part of having longer hair, regardless – I’m always having to be so careful. If I wear it loose it catches in everything and breaks off, but if I tie it up it resists and breaks anyway – it feels like a never-ending lose/lose situation, very disheartening all round and it’s really getting me down.

The thing is with me, I’m really not a very girly girl – I wear minimal make-up, and even then only when the situation dictates I have to. And in the same vein I’m much better with a naturally easy-to-wear kind of hairstyle, which is probably why a bob works best for me. Short layered crops on me need a lot of ‘oomph’ to look acceptable, which takes time and effort. Oh, and product – it takes a lot of product, which I hate using as I can’t stand the feel of it in my hair. So all in all short layered crops don’t really work for me. And as having longer hair is proving to be surprisingly high maintenance too, it looks like I’m going to have to admit defeat once more and go back to my tried-and-tested bob…

Oh well…!