Another Sad Day for London…

Today has been another sad day for London, waking this morning to the news of a serious fire burning overnight in a Kensington tower block and watching in disbelief as the terrible tragedy was seen to unfold over the course of the day.

Tonight the fire is officially under control, but it is clearly still burning, and it looks quite probable that the death toll at the end of it all will be terrifyingly high. To see and hear the agonising film clips of terrified people trapped in their homes screaming for help, to understand that people were jumping out of windows trying to escape the smoke and the flames, that desparate parents resorted to throwing their children out of windows to try to save their lives, is absolutely heartbreaking.

We live in the biggest city in the UK with modern, supposedly safety-conscious 21st century building regulations, so to see such a fierce fire spread so quickly with no remorse through an entire 24-storey high-rise residential block with such complete devastation has truly shocked and stunned us all…





2 thoughts on “Another Sad Day for London…

  1. Sunny June 16, 2017 / 2:21 am

    Terrible, just terrible. It reminds me of 9/11 and those fated souls leaping from the burning buildings to their deaths.

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