Tugs, Snags and Breakages

I so admire people with lovely long hair, but it’s looking increasingly like I won’t ever be one of them. For most of my adult life I’ve worn my hair in variations of a practical bob, from jaw-length to shoulder-length, with or without a fringe, but always worn loose. Over the years I’ve also tried one disastrous perm in the early 80s; a short, layered cut maybe about once a decade since then; and only twice in my adult life have I succeeded in growing my hair down beyond shoulder-length. Now is one of those times, and having persevered for so long to get this far with it, I find I absolutely hate having longer hair.

Disappointingly it seems I hate the tickly feeling of my loose hair falling over my shoulders and down my back, and hate getting loose strands of my hair trapped in anything and everything, so I always seem to tie it up out of the way to stop it annoying me even though I don’t like wearing it tied up. I hate the constant tugs and snags and breakages that seem (for me) to be an unavoidable part of having longer hair, regardless – I’m always having to be so careful. If I wear it loose it catches in everything and breaks off, but if I tie it up it resists and breaks anyway – it feels like a never-ending lose/lose situation, very disheartening all round and it’s really getting me down.

The thing is with me, I’m really not a very girly girl – I wear minimal make-up, and even then only when the situation dictates I have to. And in the same vein I’m much better with a naturally easy-to-wear kind of hairstyle, which is probably why a bob works best for me. Short layered crops on me need a lot of ‘oomph’ to look acceptable, which takes time and effort. Oh, and product – it takes a lot of product, which I hate using as I can’t stand the feel of it in my hair. So all in all short layered crops don’t really work for me. And as having longer hair is proving to be surprisingly high maintenance too, it looks like I’m going to have to admit defeat once more and go back to my tried-and-tested bob…

Oh well…!


17 thoughts on “Tugs, Snags and Breakages

  1. I had long hair growing up and then again when my kids were younger. Looking back I see lots of pictures of me pulling it back into a pony tail or with barrettes so obviously it just wasn’t for me. Mine has been shoulder-length for years now and it seems to be the easiest length for me. I do find what I want to do less and less with it as time goes by. 🙂 I do think that easy and low maintenance is the best!!

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  2. Long hair is overrated, Ruth. I’ve had very long hair most of my life. For me, it’s easy because I always wear it up and it takes me about two minutes to get it that way. And it is all about easy! 😉 xoxoM

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  3. I identify with you so well. I wore a pixie cut as a child, in my teens had Janis Joplin hair, then I went through the shag, the wedge, a bob or two, a scraped back bun, and various lengths and styles with no name. Now it’s grey and after going to subtropical Florida last winter and hating that frizzy grey hair, I had it cut really short, like a crew cut, and usually wore a baseball cap on my head anyway when out of doors or driving. Now that we’re back up north for the summer, I’ve kept it short. I don’t have to blowdry it or flat iron it (it is very curly), and just put in some gel or pomade to give it some texture and body because it is also very thin. Good luck finding your best style!

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    • I’ve been letting my hair grey naturally for years – so at least I only need to stress about which style to have, and let the fading colour take care of itself 🙂


  4. I like having long hair, but I am no good at putting it in different styles so it is either down and left naturally or put up for work.
    I do love some of the bobs that are out there but becaue of my inability with hair and the fact that mine is so thin despite being a lot of it, mmy hair falls flat in a bob and does not look good at all.

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