Daily Prompt: Amble

My little blog just kind of ambles along aimlessly, sharing some of my photographs and some of my poetry, and most recently, a couple of illustrated posts about my newly-rediscovered enjoyment of drawing. It’s always been a real challenge for me to share my oh-so imperfect words and images – I worry so much in life about being ‘not good enough’ so historically in real life I’ve always preferred to keep my trial-and-error efforts private. But here on my blog I feel surprisingly OK to share my stuff, in the same way as I enjoy viewing what everyone else has been up to šŸ™‚

I try not to worry too much about checking the stats page, but I do have a ‘follows’ tally and a ‘visits’ count on my home page so I can get an immediate idea of how my interactions from other bloggers are doing as I go along. I know I’ve said it before but it’s always worth repeating – my blog is basically my personal creative space, and I have such fun sharing whatever it is I choose to share. Of course I love it when other people ‘like’ my posts and I’d be upset if I had no reaction at all, but ultimately I blog for me, so I just post what I like and hope for the best!

So thank you all for viewing and reading and commenting and just for being an all-round awesome blogging community – sending much love to you all ā¤

Daily Prompt: Amble



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