Today’s Flower Drawing


I decided to try to draw a different flower image today, again using coloured pencils, but I took a slightly different tack from yesterday’s attempt. I still started out with a simple line drawing outline, but then I shaded in the whole flower, to give a kind of colour base to build up layer by layer as a complete picture instead of trying to colour it in section by section as I did yesterday…


I found the whole exercise a bit easier today, I’m still feeling decidedly rusty when it comes to drawing but it all flowed a bit better doing it this way and I think the overall result is a bit more balanced, so that’s an improvement πŸ™‚

PS I seem to have something on my lens, as there’s a little smudge on the bottom left-hand corner of each image, but I’ve only just noticedΒ  it…

PPS I hope it is the lens, and not the sensor?


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