Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows


This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is for a view framed by a window – and sitting on the top deck of a London double-decker bus may be an everyday normal experience for me, but not for everyone, so I took some pics through the windows of the bus as I was coming home from Stratford to Leytonstone tonight, on a number 257 bus. I usually like to sit right behind the stairs rather than right at the front, so have decided to share my regular view with you 🙂


Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger

While sitting on a London bus crawling along in city traffic this dreary damp afternoon, looking idly out of the rain-flecked window I caught a fleeting glimpse of an unusually colourful coffin in a traditional black hearse passing by in the opposite direction. It was there one moment in the corner of my vision, then in a fluid ribbon of red and green and blue and gold layers, it was gone.

But what I saw in those few seconds was so spectacular – the coffin was painted up to look like a canal boat, intricately and delicately decorated, each surface a perfect mini-mural of tight-sealed curved-edged windows and imaginary roped railings above. I fondly imagined this to be the fitting final resting place of an old and much-respected bargee, housed in death in an exact facsimile of the beautiful boat he lived in.

If any of the following funeral cortege had turned and looked my way they would have caught my puzzled expression of unexpected surprise – an eyebrow raised in sudden astonishment, a half-smile haunting my lips at the incongruous delight of such a creative ray of sunshine lighting up my otherwise dull day. May you rest in peace beautiful stranger, whoever you are…

Big, Bold & Blue


Although my distance vision is still reasonably fine for my age (53 and counting), my near vision has been deteriorating since my mid-forties and for the last five years or so I’ve needed glasses for close-up work – reading, writing, sewing, painting, photography and using both my laptop and mobile phone.

Recently even with my glasses on I’ve been struggling to focus on tiny details close up, so yesterday I finally had my eyes tested again and sure enough, my old original prescription was way off – oops!

I decided to find new frames, so have chosen something very big, bold, and blue. They’re a lot more immediately noticable than my last frames but I like them, they’re really comfortable to wear and and most importantly everything close up is focused clearly instead of being slightly fuzzy and blurry – much better! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Focused