Same Place, Different Time Take II

I was looking through my archives last night and have found four reasonably similar images of a favourite viewpoint looking out over the landscape I grew up in.

Inevitably each image was taken by either a different camera or with a different lens, but I feel they are of a similar enough perspective to get a feel for the area through changing seasons across the years.

January 2011…

January 2011

June 2015…


May 2016…


October 2017…



Same Place, Different Time…

I posted two favourite images from my archives earlier today for this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene, and I wanted to see if I could find similar images taken at a different time of year to show the same views but without their atmospheric misty veil I found so serene…

So I found I had recaptured November 2014’s blue-tinged view from the train looking far more ordinary in May 2017… Excuse the lens flare in the updated image, sadly I didn’t have a lens hood on, but it’s the closest in composition I could find…



And here is January’s freezing fog replaced by November 2017’s bright sharp sunshine…



It seems I’m nothing if not a creature of habit… 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene – Take II


Another old favourite from my archives…

The blue-grey serenity of an old tree-lined avenue captured in the freezing fog on a cold winter’s morning – ground crisp underfoot and the sharp air catching my breath, with me feeling like a solitary dreamer exploring this soft-veiled other-worldly landscape…

Wanstead Flats, Leytonstone, East London, January 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene


This is an old favourite from three years ago – almost to the day! I took it from the window of the train in late November 2014 as I was travelling down from Inverness to London.

It’s a beautiful scenic spot and I’ve taken several similarly-framed shots since as I’ve passed by the same area but I’ve never managed to recreate the calm serenity of the atmospheric layers of misty blues visible on that particular morning… it seems to have been one of those magical moments of time and place coinciding perfectly, and I’m just so glad I captured it when I did.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

Daily Prompt: Snippet

Working in a pub as I do, I often overhear the weirdest snippets of conversation as I serve food or pick up empty glasses from the tables. People tend not to notice waiting staff – or if they notice us, they simply ignore us and carry on talking – especially after a few alcoholic drinks.

Here are a few examples: –

Two young women drinking cocktails in the beer garden, one loudly lamenting a disappointing encounter with a young man: ‘I mean, I don’t know why he had to be such an arrogant dick, it’s not like his dad’s royalty or something, is it?’ ‘Well, actually, I think his dad is a Sultan or something.’ ‘Oh, right… Well he’s still a dick anyway!’

Smart young man, suited and booted, to his equally well-dressed mate: ‘Nah, sorry I’m not allowed to go near there any more. (Undecipherable name) got me done for GBH and took out a restraining order on me, so I have to steer clear…’

Four elderly women (in their late 80s and early 90s) who regularly meet up for lunch every Friday: ‘Just cos she’s a lesbian, it doesn’t mean she didn’t want to have kids. So she got married, cos there was no turkey basters in them days. Well, not for that, anyway…’

Dapper elderly gentleman to his companion: ‘I never even knew what oral sex was til Annie showed me…’ and as I put his food down on the table he added with a cheeky grin ‘…but that was years ago, of course!’

Daily Prompt: Snippet

Bread & Butter Blogging

I’m feeling a bit stuck at the moment – stuck with my life and stuck with my blog. When things get tough in the real world I tend to close in on myself a bit, withdraw to the essentials, and as my virtual me is very much part of my flesh-and-bones me I find I’m really having to try hard with a conscious determination to create any words or images worthy of sharing in my blog world.

So what you all see here just now is a kind of half-hearted bread & butter style of basic blogging – posting nothing much of interest beyond the barest minimum standard for survival. I’m going to keep slogging away at it all though, because I’d rather keep things ticking over with my boring old blog until real life gives me a break and I feel able to embrace everything fun with my full attention once more.

I might even shake everything up a bit experimentally in the interim, try altering what and when and why I post to see if that helps stimulate my creative motivation. Get away from the same old routines and habits that right now feel like ruts in the road, find something new to do with my camera or my crochet hook or paintbrush or pen and share the results, good and bad.

Because the bottom line is that there needs to be more to living than simply existing, and sometimes it’s all too easy for me to forget that simple fact…