Battersea Power Station


The four corner chimneys and the stark 1930s architecture of the old coal-fired Battersea Power Station are a bit of a London landmark, and at the time I grabbed this quickly-snapped shot, taken from the window of a moving train in late December 2011, the iconic Grade II Listed Building was little more than an abandoned empty shell.

The power station had already been closed for a good 30 years, and an initial ambitious redevelopment plan had removed the roof (and all internal machinery) before sadly going bust, leaving a gaping cavity in the centre exposed to all weathers.

Thankfully after a few more failed fits and starts and wrong turnings along the way the whole area is now in the process of being successfully redeveloped as a multi-functional residential/ business/ recreational space, but I think in my minds eye I’ll always see it as an imposing but cavernous ruin.

My original image, taken on a dull and dreary winters day, is truly plain and grey and drab and boring, but after trying on a few different snazzy post-processing art filters I decided ‘polygon‘ from LunaPic perhaps provided the best impression (in my view, at least) of the power station as a grand iconic building of its time… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Cavity


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