Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

For this week’s Photo Challenge Krista at the Daily Post has asked each of us to take all of us on a tour of wherever we live via some of our favourite images. As I live in London, there are infinite images of interest already online, taken from a series of similar spots across the capital.

In particular the rather fixed view from the famous vantage point atop Primrose Hill shows the soft greenery and foliage of Regent’s Park in the foreground, the sharp staccato jagged city skyline of concrete, steel and glass along the horizon, and the vast skies of either blue of grey above, depending on the weather. Different cameras, different lenses, different seasons provide variations on a theme, but otherwise the general view over the city remains reasonably constant.

So I thought instead of adding even more of the same I might apply a few different art filters to one favourite image taken looking out over London from Primrose Hill, to show how in my mind’s eye I can often find the same view looking very different depending as much on the colours inspired by how I’m feeling about life as anything else.

Here is an everyday, generic pastel-coloured artistic impression of London’s skyline…primrose-1

And here it is as I might imagine it on my sunny good days, mellow and yellow and modern, bright and vibrant…


On other, stressful days I can see it in my mind’s eye as shades of graphite grey, a hurried and worried monochrome scribble of hesitant outlines, highlights and shadows…


But on days like today today I might view London painted in a blurred palette of blue, mired in misery, matching my melancholy mood…



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

  1. Fandango February 9, 2018 / 7:12 am

    Nice use of those filters. Each sets a very different and quite unique mood/tone for the same picture.

    Liked by 1 person

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