Four Years and Farewell For Now…

Recently I’ve received two standard notifications from WordPress, one anniversary marker congratulating me on having been registered with WordPress for four years, and another telling me I have now published 1337 posts here on Image & Word. Hmmm…

I remember starting my first ever blog four years ago, uncertain yet excited, stepping into the unknown in search of finding my voice in the virtual world. I blogged solidly for a few months, effectively scratched the itch, and then stopped as suddenly as I’d started.

Another few months passed, and I decided to start again with another blog, and that particular version kept me busy for a year or so until I took another long break. When I came back I started my third blog, and here I am not quite two years later, fed up again.

Blogging has sadly become a bit of a never-ending chore for me right now, something I feel I ought to do every day, a regimented requirement. The fun has gone out of it for now, my fizz has gone flat. I’ve not lost my voice, but my need to share my thoughts.

So I’ve decided I’m going to take another blog break, maybe short-term, maybe long-term, maybe forever – right now I have no idea, but I just know I need to do this. I’m tired and stuck in a rut, and I need to make some changes and adjustments in my life focus.

Thank you all for your continued friendship and support over the years, and I’ll maybe see you around in another few months, either in this guise or maybe in another new virtual skin – you never know! Sending peace and love to all of you, bye for now ❤ …




Daily Prompt: Forlorn

I’ve been feeling rather forlorn lately, and haven’t been out with my camera out for ages. The last time I deliberately took my camera with me, I forced myself to try to take photographs, make myself focus on creating interesting images, and I ended up failing badly, frustrated and in tears. So please do excuse the recent lack of enthusiastic new pics on Image & Word, I seem to have temporarily lost my photo-mojo. Mind you now I think about it, I haven’t written any poetry for the longest time, either. So please excuse the lack of poetry, too. All I seem to have in me just now is whatever drivel I come up with for each day’s Daily Prompt – but it feels better than simply disappearing and not blogging any more, so here I am with today’s half-hearted effort!

Thanks to all of you for sticking by me until my mood and motivation picks up, I truly do appreciate it 🙂

Daily Prompt: Forlorn

Blogging Over Christmas…


It seems that many regular bloggers choose to take a well-earned blog-holiday over the Christmas holidays, but I’ll still be around for the duration so will be posting as usual – so for those I won’t be seeing online for the next couple of weeks, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and also a very Happy New Year when it comes! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Theory


Oh, how I wish I could tell in advance which blog posts would generate the most interest! Sometimes it feels like the more time I spend drafting and carefully crafting a post, the less interaction it initiates. Yet at other times I’ll write a quick quip, off the cuff in five minutes flat, and it simply flies.

Those posts including images definitely seem to draw most viewings, no matter what the written content. But it doesn’t always follow that those images I’m happiest with are necessarily the most popular – often a quick candid snap with my mediocre smartphone gets as many ‘likes’ as my most prized photographic masterpiece.

So I guess it goes to show there’s no rhyme nor reason to blogging at times – readers and viewers like what they like, and simply switch off from the stuff that doesn’t interest them. We all have our own preferences, our own pet hates, our own real world lives inevitably affecting our virtual viewing choices.

The answer would seem to be just to blog about whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of anticipated audience interaction. Be happy with your own output, and everything else will flow and follow on freely from that. Well, that’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking with it 🙂

Daily Prompt: Theory

Bread & Butter Blogging

I’m feeling a bit stuck at the moment – stuck with my life and stuck with my blog. When things get tough in the real world I tend to close in on myself a bit, withdraw to the essentials, and as my virtual me is very much part of my flesh-and-bones me I find I’m really having to try hard with a conscious determination to create any words or images worthy of sharing in my blog world.

So what you all see here just now is a kind of half-hearted bread & butter style of basic blogging – posting nothing much of interest beyond the barest minimum standard for survival. I’m going to keep slogging away at it all though, because I’d rather keep things ticking over with my boring old blog until real life gives me a break and I feel able to embrace everything fun with my full attention once more.

I might even shake everything up a bit experimentally in the interim, try altering what and when and why I post to see if that helps stimulate my creative motivation. Get away from the same old routines and habits that right now feel like ruts in the road, find something new to do with my camera or my crochet hook or paintbrush or pen and share the results, good and bad.

Because the bottom line is that there needs to be more to living than simply existing, and sometimes it’s all too easy for me to forget that simple fact…

Daily Prompt: Elastic

I really appreciate the impressive elasticity of blogging: However much or little I post, somehow my blog neither looks too full nor too empty. Instead within the supple skin of my chosen blog theme my individual posts can equally comfortably be long or short, complex or simple, and can be posted regularly on a daily or weekly basis, or maybe even only once a month or so.

For someone like me who can be quite erratic in my feast-or-famine posting schedule, it allows for a spectacular level of spontaneity, too. On days when I have a lot to say my blog expands and stretches easily to accommodate my natural flood-plain – but during those times when I hit a bit of a creative block it can just as easily shrink itself neatly and protectively around my drought-ridden dessicated content.

Daily Prompt: Elastic

Plane and Simple

Nope, not a spelling mistake, just a play on words – after a few weeks of experimental trial and error I finally seem to have found a new blog theme I’ve settled on, and it’s a free theme called ‘Plane’ 🙂

It’s quite a simple design, open and clear and easy to navigate through. I’ve kept the default colour scheme and all I’ve done is tweaked the font to something sans serif and added my own header image.

It’s taken me a couple of attempts to find myself a header image I want to stick with, but I think I’m happy with my close-up carnations – colourful and recognisable yet not too busy or stylised – woo-hoo! ❤

Daily Prompt: Critical

I’ve been feeling quite critical about my blog lately – it feels altogether a bit ‘vanilla’, boring and bland. But as at heart my blog is a virtual reflection of me, and as by nature I’m quite a vanilla person perhaps it stands to reason that as long as I’m being true to myself my blog will necessarily be a bit blah too.

I’ve recently changed my blog theme, from one disappearing-into-the-background style to another, and right now I’m still playing about with tweaking a few potential logos and header images until I find one that suits my needs for all weathers, not just emotionally sunny days or depressive dull days.

I don’t want my blog to look too plain, so I definitely want to include some kind of basic graphic element in the design, but I also don’t want any visual stimulus to detract from the content of my posts. The latest logo is an abstract image of words – actually grafitti on a wall here in East London, where I currently live – but it seems to fit for now.

Ever since I started blogging three years ago it seems like I’ve been pulled in two directions at once. On one hand I want a ‘fun’ and colourful blog theme with lots of quirky bells and whistles that demonstrates who I want to be, but on the other I want a subtle neutral base that ultimately lets my words and images have their say.

The thing is, I’ve always been way more a home bird rather than a party animal, a gently-shining table lamp rather than a sparking chandelier, and my greatest desire is always to have a calm and peaceful life, with no more drama – so perhaps I should simply be pleased to have such a true-to-myself blog, however blah it may feel to me at times… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Critical


Exploring Different Blog Themes

I’ve been exploring different blog themes again – for the time being I’ve decided on Sela to replace my old faithful Nucleare, but I’m still tweaking bits and pieces here and there to try to make sure it works for me. As with all the free themes available here on WordPress, there is a lot I like about it but also some things I’m not quite so taken with, so I think I’ll give it a few days to see how it goes… 🙂

SOCS Badge Design Competition

OK so this is a first for me – I’m actually entering a blog competion!

Linda over at has asked for ideas for a new design for the ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday’ badge, and as today I was playing around with zoomburst photography I simply added the wording to one of the more flowing, abstract images I created and have decided just to go for it.

I really love the dynamic feeling of movement in the image, which underneath it all is actually a bunch of carnations, and as Stream of Consciousness writing is all about the unfettered flow and fluidity of thought I figured it might suit as a conceptual background behind the lettering – so here goes!


I do appreciate it may be a little too pink for some tastes, so I won’t be offended if no-one else likes it – and after all it’s not the winning but the taking part that matters! 🙂