Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient


I walk under this underpass regularly, and recently it seems to have become someone’s temporary home – how sad to be in such a desperate situation that you have no option but to resort to sleeping on the streets. Hopefully this will prove to be a transient rather than a permanant situation for the poor unfortuate person concerned…

Underneath the Green Man Roundabout, Leytonstone, East London

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order


Sometimes its fun to mix things up a bit photographically, but I really love the natural order inherent in the distinct layers of a landscape – a clear strip of foreground, a generally more interesting strip of middle-ground, and an undulating strip of background topped off with a beautiful blue sky, all together creating a harmonious blend that never fails to delight the eyeΒ  ❀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

A-Z Challenge: Just One More Thing

So that’s another April Blogging from A-Z Challenge successfully completed – woo-hoo! In spite of having quite a lot going on in real life at the moment I nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed the daily posting part, but oh how I missed the one-stop-shop linky list page this year.

It’s definitely not a complaint, because I do appreciate it must have been a huge challenge in itself to keep updated throughout the month – but it was certainly sorely missed, by me at least… Still, roll on next year… Hmmm… I wonder what theme I’ll choose next time? πŸ™‚