My latest crochet blanket…

I’m such a lazy crocheter – I make nothing complicated or fiddly, just stick to plain simple patterns that come up quickly with DK yarn and a large easy-to-handle crochet hook. It soothes me to find a comfortable rhythm and create something practical while sitting on my sofa. And the great thing about making a blanket is that it keeps you warm while you’re making it!


This one is a simple ripple pattern blanket made with Wondersoft Merry Go Round Double Knitting acrylic yarn in Pastel Rainbow – it’s not really pastel colour, more muted rainbow shades, but so far I love the overall look – and a 5.5 hook. I started it yesterday and am really enjoying getting back into the flow of it all. Once it’s finished it’s going to sit on the back of the sofa to keep me cosy all winter 🙂


Discover Challenge: Analogue

Hmmm… Analogue or digital… well, it depends! And as much as anything, it depends on what is meant by the question – are we being absolutely literal in our interpretation of each term, or are we assuming it refers to a general distinction between mechanical and electronic gadgetry? Or can we take that analogy (which shares the same etymology as analogue) one step further using a bit of creative licence and take it to mean the difference between creating something hand-made and buying something ready-made?

Because I absolutely love hand-made and home-made stuff – I’ve always loved to cook, and over the years I’ve enjoyed sewing and have made several cross-stitch samplers, and I still love to crochet. To my mind there are so many old traditional skills that have been all too easily lost over only a couple of generations through a general over-reliance by some on pierce-and-ping ready-meals and fast food outlets, through never learning how to use a sewing needle and thread, or being at a loss as to how to create one piece of solid fabric from a ball of yarn and either one hook or two large needles.

Making something by hand makes it unique and highly personal, makes it special, whatever it is. Don’t get me wrong, I do quite happily use microwave meals and packet foods when I need to, and I certainly buy rather than make all my own clothes (although I can alter them and adapt them as necessary), but I do know how to cook from scratch and sew clothing from a paper pattern and crochet just for fun, and I still enjoy practising those important skills on a regular basis.

So here’s the latest crochet blanket in my collection, in the process of being made – I used up all the random bits and pieces of yarn I had lying around to make an irregular-striped multi-coloured bobble-stitch blanket for our bed 🙂


Discover Challenge: Analogue

Crochet and Me


I love to crochet, I find it really therapeutic, but I’m a bit lazy in my approach. I like to use a biggish hook, and double knitting yarn, and an easy-to-follow stitch pattern that comes up quickly – oh, and I like using lots of colours, often quite randomly put together. In particular I really enjoy making throws, creating cosy covers for beds or for sofas, for kids or for adults, but sadly it’s been quite a while since I’ve made anything new.

However a quick peek this morning at some of the beautiful throws made by Sandra at Wild Daffodil has inspired me to think about picking up my crochet hook again, and having a go at a new project or two, just for fun – so watch this space, and maybe this time I’ll share my usually frustrating trial-and-error progress in picking up new stitches as I go along… 🙂