Daily Prompt: Planet

The first thing that came to mind as a response to today’s Daily Prompt: Planet was the Carpenters’ song ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ from 1977 🙂



Songs from the Past: American Pie

For week 37 of his series ’51 Songs from the past in 51 weeks’ Hugh has asked us which song we would love to record ourselves, given the chance.

For me, it just has to be ‘American Pie’. The original from Don Maclean (in 1971) is an absolute classic for me, and gained a new lease of life when Madonna released her version in 2000. I don’t honestly know why I like it so much, but it brings back lots of memories of enjoyable nights out in the pub – sooner or later as the evening wore on, someone would put this on the jukebox and we’d all sing along with gusto… 🙂

Songs from the Past: Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

This week’s song of choice for me when joning in with Hugh’s ‘51 Songs from the Past in 51 Weeks‘ with a theme of including some uncomfortably questionable lyrics is the lovely Eartha Kitt from 1953 with ‘Santa Baby’…

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the catchy tune and the sensual cheekiness of it but yet it still feels plain wrong on so many levels! It smacks of the old traditional male-meal-ticket expectation and female-sexual-exploitation dynamic as if Santa is some kind of benevolent indulgent sugar daddy, but still I find myself singing along even though I disagree with every sentiment behind the rather dubious-to-me lyrics 🙂

Songs from the Past: Dancing in the Street

Oh no, I’m way behind when it comes to keeping up with Hughs 51 Songs from the Past in 51 Weeks, now at week 35 – eek! – but as this week’s theme is duets how could I not join in with one of my all-time favourite duets, Mick Jagger and David Bowie from 1985 singing (and dancing along to) ‘Dancing in the Street’

This song was first a hit in 1964 for Martha & the Vandellas – I also love the original Motown version, but somehow the chemistry between Jagger and Bowie having such obvious fun making their video version always makes me smile that much more… 🙂

Songs from the Past: Cee Lo Green – Forget You

OK, so this week Hugh has asked for our favourite song to work out to – ha ha ha ha ha… work out? Me? Nope, traditional gym bunny I am not! But when it comes to motivational songs to do the housework to, Cee Lo Green always does it for me with ‘Forget You’ from 2010.

I mean, seriously, the video is such fun and what’s not to love with lyrics like:

‘Yeah I’m sorry I can’t afford a Ferrari

But that don’t mean I won’t get you there

Guess he’s an X-Box, I’m more an Atari

But the way you play your game ain’t fair’

Actually, my preference is for the original lyrics of ‘Fuck You’ (perhaps because it’s the version of the song I heard first), but for public consumption (like here on my blog), I can appreciate that perhaps the more widely-played clean version may be more appetising for everyone else, so have included links to both – feel free to take your pick! 🙂


Daily Prompt: Symphony

Hmmm… Today’s Daily Prompt word of symphony made me think immediately of classical music, and one of the first names to spring to mind was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who wrote loads of symphonies (and a whole lot else for that matter) in his relatively short lifetime – the composer died aged only 35.

But even so my favourite piece of Mozart’s music is not actually a symphony but is from what turned out to be his final Requiem Mass, and there’s even dispute over how much of that piece was written by Mozart, who died in 1791 before it could be completed. I have to admit in general I’m not so keen on choral music, but whoever completed it, I find there’s something about the melancholy haunting ‘Lacrimosa’ I just love… ❤


Songs from the Past: Darius – Colourblind

This week Hugh’s theme for his series ‘51 Songs from the Past in 51 Weeks‘ is to share a favourite song by someone from a reality show, so I’ve chosen Darius (originally known as Darius Danesh but he now goes by Darius Campbell) who reached the finals of UK TV talent show Pop Idol in 2002.

Darius had an immediate hit with his single ‘Colourblind’ released in 2002, which I happily sang along to, but the main reason I remember him so clearly is neither from his Pop Idol nor pop star days but from his run playing Billy Flynn in the West End musical ‘Chicago’ – for me he excelled in that role, he completely owned the character and I was really impressed with his entire stage performance – bravo Darius!  🙂

Songs from the Past: Advertising

I’ve not been feeling very musical lately, life has been hitting a bit of a flat note recently so I’ve missed the last few weeks of joining in with Hugh’s series of posts ‘51 Songs from the Past in 51 weeks‘. However, today’s theme of old songs used in new-ish adverts immediately conjured up Cadbury’s 2007 drum-playing gorilla putting his heart and soul into Phil Collins’ 1981 hit ‘In the Air Tonight’ – I’ve always been partial to a bit of Phil Collins even from his Genesis days, so here’s both an actual and extended version of the 2007 ad  🙂

PS I just love the way he cricks his neck from side to side before beginning! 🙂


Songs from the Past: Bill Withers – Lovely Day

Hugh has asked us this week about a Song from the Past we’d love to wake up to every day. To be honest I’m actually not keen on music first thing, I always prefer to wake up in peace and quiet wherever possible – at least until I’ve had my first cuppa, anyway!

However, if I did have to wake up to one song, it would probably be ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers, from 1977… ❤