Daily Prompt: Legend

I used to work in Central London, which meant taking the Central Line from Leytonstone to Oxford Circus every morning during rush hour. It was neither a pleasant nor comfortable journey (being squeezed in like sardines in an unventilated elongated tin can) even on good days when everything ran smoothly, but passing through Bethnal Green station always made me smile whenever a certain platform announcer was on shift.

He didn’t really say anything different than any other announcer, it was more the friendly, cheerful, smiley way he said it – and his wonderful sing-song ‘Mind de dooaaahhhss…!’ chilled everyone out.

It seems that lots of other regular commuters shared my opinion, because at some point someone created a Facebook page called ‘The Announcer at Bethnal Green Station is a Legend’, and someone else even created a Soundcloud recording of one of his everyday announcements. I stopped commuting regularly on this journey after changing jobs several years ago now, and it seems he no longer works there, but I still smile at the memory of my favourite legendary announcer every time I pass through Bethnal Green station… πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Legend


Twenty Questions…

Hmmm… so my lovely blog-friend Fandango has posted twenty questions to be answered, just for fun – so here goes, entirely off the top of my head! πŸ™‚

Window or aisle?

If I know my travelling companion, window, otherwise aisle every time just incase I get trapped or squashed into a too-small tight space – I’m claustrophobic 😦

White bread or whole wheat?

Whole wheat mostly, but occasionally the lure of soft white crusty bread with lashings of real butter pulls me in… mmmmmm…

Car or pickup?

I live in the UK where people tend to drive cars unless they particularly need a pickup truck for work purposes. But as it happens, living in London I have neither, so rely solely on public transport for now

iPhone or Android?

Android all the way so far

Foreign or domestic?

Is that a real question? What does it mean? Foreign or Domestic what? Technically I have a foreign husband as he’s American by birth, so does that count as a preference for foreign? (My previous long-ago-divorced domestic-based bloke was definitely a dud…)

Hip hop or pop?

Both, and pretty much everything else too – I just like music

Watch TV or read a book?

Both, but never at the same time

Summer or winter?

I was born in the winter, so I guess my wintery preference is kind of imprinted in my December genes. But living in such a temperate climate, neither is usually particularly extreme in my half century (and a bit) of experience

Daytime or nighttime?

Daytime for doing stuff, night time for resting – and in general I’m more of a home bird than a party animal, so that would have made quite a good either/ or question too, wouldn’t it?

Hot or cold?

Lukewarm – um, I honestly don’t know.Β  Coffee hot, cola cold, me somewhere in between. I’m back to struggling with menopausal hot flushes for now, so temperature’s a bit of a red rag to the bull at the moment

New or old?

Actually this is a difficult one – I’m no longer very new myself, so old feels more appropriate. But we live in an old Victorian property, so in that particular scenario new feels like it wins hands down

Fiction or non-fiction?

Each has its place in my life – non-fiction is best for learning, but fiction is great for relaxing

Poetry or prose?

I like both equally, but differently

Democrat or Republican?

British so neither, but my political values align way more with the Democratic party than the Republicans

Windows or Mac?


Mountains or ocean?

Living in the UK I don’t really have to choose – one of the benefits of a smallish island, it’s never too far from either so I can live in between and still have the enjoyment of both if I choose

Whole or skimmed?

Skimmed – it has higher levels of calcium so good for my menopausal bones to help prevent osteoporosis

Coffee or tea?

Here in the UK I prefer tea mostly, but I do love a good cup of strong milky coffee. But when in the US I always drink coffee, because I don’t really like what passes for tea on the other side of the ocean. PS in America I like to drink my coffee with half-and-half, which we don’t get here – it’s yum!

Football or baseball?

Rugby every time

Soda or pop?

Aren’t they just different words for the same thing? πŸ™‚


Oooh what fun, Linda has given us partial word ‘liqu’ to use for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, and today’s Daily Prompt word is ‘degree’ so I thought – hmmm… how can I link them together in one post?

Degrees made me think of angles, of being acute or obtuse or right angles, and then I thought of things neither being parallel or at right angles to each other but oblique – and suddenly I’ve linked both words, so will stop while the going’s good… πŸ™‚


Ooh, I just learned a great new word – corrigendum. Apparently it means an error correction provided in a printed book or paper.

We were watching a recording of yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) in the House of Commons and the Speaker of the House mentioned that there had been an error in the printed order of questions as unfortunately question five had been omitted, but that a corrigendum had been printed and was now made available.

What an exellent word! God knows when I’ll ever need to use it, but it’s good to know anyway πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Snippet

Working in a pub as I do, I often overhear the weirdest snippets of conversation as I serve food or pick up empty glasses from the tables. People tend not to notice waiting staff – or if they notice us, they simply ignore us and carry on talking – especially after a few alcoholic drinks.

Here are a few examples: –

Two young women drinking cocktails in the beer garden, one loudly lamenting a disappointing encounter with a young man: ‘I mean, I don’t know why he had to be such an arrogant dick, it’s not like his dad’s royalty or something, is it?’ ‘Well, actually, I think his dad is a Sultan or something.’ ‘Oh, right… Well he’s still a dick anyway!’

Smart young man, suited and booted, to his equally well-dressed mate: ‘Nah, sorry I’m not allowed to go near there any more. (Undecipherable name) got me done for GBH and took out a restraining order on me, so I have to steer clear…’

Four elderly women (in their late 80s and early 90s) who regularly meet up for lunch every Friday: ‘Just cos she’s a lesbian, it doesn’t mean she didn’t want to have kids. So she got married, cos there was no turkey basters in them days. Well, not for that, anyway…’

Dapper elderly gentleman to his companion: ‘I never even knew what oral sex was til Annie showed me…’ and as I put his food down on the table he added with a cheeky grin ‘…but that was years ago, of course!’

Daily Prompt: Snippet

Daily Prompt: Knit

I’m not the world’s most natural knitter – at a push I can manage a basic garter stitch or stocking stitch as long as I don’t have to increase or decrease any stitches within a row or do anything more complicated than knit a bunch of matching squares and stitch them together to make a rudimentary patchwork blanket.

And I hadn’t even done that much since I was knee-high to a grass-hopper, so today’s Daily Prompt: ‘Knit’ stirred me to pick up some knitting needles and a couple of leftover odds and ends of yarn this afternoon to see if I could still remember how to plain and purl… and the answer is – just! πŸ™‚